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Creating an Account

To sign up as an instructor:

  1. In the Create an Account area of the Home page, click Instructor.

        2. In the Instructor Signup form, enter the required information in the Your Information area:

·         First Name: Enter your first name.

·         Last Name: Enter your last name.  

·         Bio: Enter any information about yourself.

·         Phone: Enter your phone number

·         E mail: Enter your e mail ID.

·         Confirm E mail: Re-enter your e mail ID.

·         Password: Enter your password.

·         Confirm Password: Re-enter your password.

         3. In the Your School’s Information area, specify the sports in which you want to offer lessons by selecting the
             relevant check boxes. To add a new sport to the list, type the sport name in the New Sport field.

        4. From the State and City drop-down lists, select the state and city respectively where you are available to offer
            the lessons.

        5. From the School drop-down list, select a school. If the school you want to select is not displayed in the list,
            select the My school Isn’t Here option to invite the school to Real Sports Now. Enter the school name, e mail
            ID, and phone number in the specified fields.

        6. If you offer lessons independently (and do not associate with any school), then select the I’m Independent

        7. Click Submit.