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Performing Marketing Activities

As an instructor teaching lessons to students, you need to associate with schools and market yourself.

To perform the marketing activities:

  1. From the Sign In drop-down list, click Instructors.

         2. In the Sign In (Instructor) page, enter the e mail ID and password and click Submit.

          3. The default screen displays the list of schools with whom you are associated. You can also market yourself    
               here and submit referral information.

            4. In the Market Yourself area, cut the code given in the URL Link box and paste it in your e mail page.  
                Clicking the link takes the user to your profile page. You can use the Image link similarly by cutting it from the  
                Image Link
box and pasting it in your e mail page.

            5. In the Referral Information area, your referral code is displayed. Real Sports Now helps you generate
                income by distributing links to http://www.realsportsnow.com with your ref_instructor_id attached to the URL.
                For example, if you like to link the home page, you can use the  following code:
            6. In the Your Profile area, update the fields you like to and click Submit.

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