Scheduling Lessons

The students who are interested in your lessons may book the lessons. You can see the booking schedule in the Schedule section.

To view the lessons schedule:

  1. Click the Schedule button at the left menu. The Lesson Calendar page is displayed where you can view the date wise schedule of lessons.

2. Click the two arrow buttons to navigate between months.

The lessons you are going to teach are displayed in green color. To see the lesson details, click the link. The details of the lesson are displayed but you cannot modify them.

Note: Once an instructor is assigned to teach a lesson, the instructor cannot change it. Only the school can change it. Instructors who are unable to teach a lesson that is assigned to them should contact the school directly to have the school change it.

       3.  At the bottom of the window, the statistics of lessons are displayed.

       4. To print the monthly schedule, click the Print button.

5. To print the month’s schedule, click the Print This Month’s Schedule button in the left pane.
To go back to the main account page, click the Back to Account page.
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