Uploading Images

As part of your profile, you may want to add images to your profile.

To upload images:

  1. Click the Photos button at the left menu. The photos page is displayed where you can add images which will be displayed on you profile page.

2.  Click the Upload a new image button.
3.  In the Step1: Upload an Image screen, click the Browse button to navigate to the image.

        4. Select the image and click Open. Ensure that the image is at least 800 pixels wide and 600 pixels tall.

Note: It is recommended that you use a photo editing software to upload the image files with an appropriate size of 800X600.

        5. Click the Upload Image button.

        6. In the Step2: Crop Your Image screen, you can crop the image as you like. To crop the image, click on it. After you are done with
         your selection, click I’m All Done. After the Success message is displayed, close the window.